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About Chia Lounge

Chia Lounge prides itself on using organic and locally produced goods wherever possible. Our menus are designed for minimal food wastage whilst still ensuring our produce is fresh and organically grown.

Chia Lounge is inspired by the health benefits of Chia and imbibes the spirit of wellness in its dishes so that you may enjoy spectacular meals which are healthy too.

Soak in the Goa spirit.

Located right on Mandrem beach, The Chia Lounge is the perfect place to relish culinary offerings and a range of select drinks.

Let time stand still.

Our Menu

Our menu has been lovingly created to support a variety of dietary needs: vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten & dairy-free. We use clean, fresh, organic ingredients that are consciously combined for favor and optimal health. Our wellness menu items are alkalizing, easy to digest & supportive of a wellness journey.

Our restaurant is a fundamental piece of our vision to cultivate a wellness sanctuary where guests can renew and reset their health intentions and wellness goals.

Health Conscious Food

Our menu comprises delectable culinary delights that are not only delicious but incredibly healthy

Barbeque Evenings

Sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma of the barbeque as we prepare some expertly crafted barbeque items for you
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Bars & Cocktails

Experience the magic of artisanal cocktails by our virtuoso mixologists. Not only that, you get to experience the thrill of Goa's first gin bar.

Right on the Beach Front

The dining experience at Chia Lounge is further enhanced and accentuated by the soft, gentle sea breeze as you hear the gentle murmuring of the surf on the beach.

Chia Lounge - Online Learning Experiences

Chia Lounge brings a wealth of experiences from various walks of life. We cherish the gift of life.
From exciting, delicious recipes to practising yoga at home, we love to share all the knowledge that we have gathered over the years. Very soon, you will be able to sign up for online cooking classes, yoga sessions. Here's a glimpse of what our workshops will have for you.
At Chia Lounge, we are committed to wellness. From the tranquility of the mind to a healthy body, to delicious but wholesome food prepared by experts.

Our wellness sessions, workshops comprise Yoga, meditations, and recipes, and cooking workshops.

You can enroll in these sessions either at the resort or the online classes. Keep watching this space for more details

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